Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Wellllll.... THAT was an interesting day.

Sancheeto is awesome. Chappers(?) is awesome. LLBNO is awesome. And that first dear-friend I mentioned is awesome too (and strong, lemme tell ya ^_^).



WOW. I can't believe how blessed I am with all of these people.
Guys, I've given ONLY some of you a special shoutout today (there are so many more. But this is today).
But I love you all and I hope you know that. :)))

And girls, yeah, y'all rock too! We just rockin' rockin' rockin'. And there just ain't no stoppin' lol. :D


What happened was:

1st at of my friends didn't seem very happy and one was acting weird. And I'm not going to say anymore because (a) it's private, (b) I'm not technically supposed to know, (c) just in case somebody I know finds this, (d) I AM SO NOT GETTING IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS. I'm not even explaining it any more; I had another sentence here but I decided to take it out just in case (I have already said things and hurt people's feelings today and I do NOT WANT this post to bite me in the butt and my relationship with someone later. Love ya!)

2nd I (at least I think this happened second. I was really upset so I can't really remember what happened first but I'm pretty sure. :/) was talking to some people after lunch and I said something and one of my close friends heard me and I think it really hurt his feelings. No. I know it did. And yeah, this was after lunch.

Oh and Ezl0 I hope you feel better. You didn't seem in a mucho happy mood after school either. But of course, I'd get annoyed too if a kindahyper girl was always asking you to carry her books just because she could ;). Sorry about that. ^_^. Maybe I should pay you. You would totally go for that. Maybe then you and Sancheeto would be fighting over who gets to carry my books from my locker to the chairs ... Like not even 30 seconds of walking away. Maybe not even 10 lol.

Okay, who am I kidding, everyone (especially guys?) would gladly be paid to do that. Haha forget I ever said anything because that is SOO NOT happening. <3

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