Wednesday, August 4, 2010



S...for someone
U...for U R My Sunshine, my only sunshine
P...for Persons
E...for Eternal Life
R...for Remember me
C...for Daddy
A...for Awesome--toastly awesomeish, but not as much as leelee
I...for Igloos that people have to live in for the first time
F...for Food cuz some people just don't have enough
R...for Read and others
A...for Alligators, they have lives to lead
G...for goodness
I...for a beautiful friend
L...for a friend I wish to know better this year
I...for Inyone and spelling it wrong
S...for smiles
T...for Troy from High School Musical
I...for I know that even though I really don't
C...for caring when you "shouldn't"
E...for Earl--I have no idea who you are, but this is for you
X...for X-ray fish that little kids wonder why? about
P...for the bare necessities
E...for Earth
A...for also.
L...for learning
I...for integrity
D...for dog's best friend
O...for Open wide
C...for Christ
I...for integration
O...for a friend who we hope comes back to our team, was in my dream last night
U...for Under Armor, not the stuff they sell in stores, but what you have naturally & what you work on
S...for Sleep


P...for People
R...for Reincarnation
O...for Oh, my, goo.
S...for my brother
P...for please, oh, please, ooh, please
E...for Everyone
R...for reconciliation
I...for I
T...for a friend who lost love that was never there
Y...for you.


My life wasn't broken, okay, fine, why not?
That's pretty true I guess.

But the thing is...I wasn't over him. I wasn't over it. I sure thought I was. But I wasn't. 

A while ago...a few weeks back...I had a dream...and I woke up and I said...that's it. this is it. it's done and i'm over him. i'm over you. i'm over it.
We were all sitting in a giant theater, kind of like the Pinnacle...only a lot bigger. Big enough for all the people I've seen in my life. Or maybe just half. All the people who I've seen their face. But mostly people that I actually know. Know their name...or knew once upon a time. The movie was over and we were all getting up and HE was in front of me. I immediately turned around. I didn't want to see him. I started walking up the get out of the theater. He had been right in front of me. Now...unfortunately, he was right behind me. I hadn't seen him that whole time until we got up. 

I had my hair in two braids. I felt a tug on my left braid. I whirled around. I jammed my forefinger into his chest and looked into his eyes. They were dark because it was dark in the theater. But they didn't affect me anyway. 
    "Don't touch me! Don't touch me ever again! Never touch me. Again. --------, I loved you once. But I. Don't. Love. You. Any. More. So don't ever touch me again. Don't touch me ever again. Don't touch me. Don't touch me ever again."

I walked right past him to two people who helped me through some of the tough times "after" and they were both smiling. One shook my hand. 
   "We're proud of you."


Driving up the East Coast
Looking at the cars go by
Meeting people on the road
Wondering the sky blue sky?
What is reason to be brought here
Just to see the clouds go by
Wondering if I should ever hear...
If I should ever buy...
Sky Blue Sky.


Here's a bible verse for the day:

one to help me in being scared: "That we may boldly say: He is my helper; I am strong. What can man do to me." Hebrews 13: 6
or's close enough.

and here's another one: "God, let me set aside everything I think I know that I might have an open mind and a new experience." I'm not sure that that's a bible verse cuz it doesn't have the book and chapter and verse.

and sorry I haven't blogged in forever. But I'll try to more. And it will be easier as school starts up again.