Monday, April 25, 2011


Listen to me!
There’s this field...that used to be wonderful! And green! This field of green green green grass. So lush. 
There was this poll that I took recently. And when it asked what I was looking forward to most this spring...I clicked “running (maybe barefoot) through grassy fields”.
So Listen to me!
There’s this stupid stupid Weigels being built near my home.
Lucky me, I live on a dead-end street.
A dead-end street that no one can build anything but residential stuff on.
Lucky me. 
Not so for the green grassy field that I pass
EVERY. DAY. On the way. to. school.
THAT field used to have cows in it...until a couple years back...or so it seems. Then, the cows moved farther back from the road and into the land. 
Closer to the little old man and little old lady’s little old house that they’ve lived in for their whole entire life together!
and to build a Weigels on THAT field, next to THEIR house!
Listen to me!
I passed that field and a vaguely thought about how I wanted to take a picture of the cows and of the field, especially when they started advertising the Weigels being built there. 
But did I?
There was always more time.
But guess what now?
That field. That green, grassy, wild-flower-dotted’s’s all been bulldozed away. THIS MORNING! This VERY MORNING it was NOT like that!
...but you don’t care...
...go listen to Jessie J. 
It’s all for the money.
The convenience. ... Yuck.
The happiness the Weigels will bring. ... Ew. Yeah, while you little kids of the future go get white powdered, processed donuts from Weigels, you won’t be thinking about the beautiful, grassy, field that used to be home to the cows...and always, welcoming the dots and sprays of white and yellow wild flowers in the field.

(**ps. this isn't that grassy field, as I said, I never got a picture of it. I'll try to get the picture of what's left tomorrow, though.  here's the website I got this pic from:**)

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Joe went Home today.

He took the Lord's hand in the beauty of the spring and was resurrected into the Kingdom of God.

Please pray for Joe's family. And his friends. Those who knew him. And those who missed their chances. Also, those who didn't have a chance.

I'm sure they missed out. I'm one of them.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Okay the first part of this I've already posted somewhere. This is my paragraph for Composition where we're working on Voice, bringing in a song that explains us, and writing a paragraph about it:

I love "I Dare You To Move". It makes somewhere between the pit of my stomach and my chest around my heart reminds me of when I was depressed. This is definitely something I would have wanted to listen to then. Because it's such a MOVING song. Daring me to move. Daring me to get my butt of the floor in my secluded little world inside my head and maybe dance in the rain. This is a dance in the rain kind of song. Twirl in your best dress like Taylor Swift and just not have a care in the world. Where there is salvation. It makes me want to dare my class, class of 2015 here at school, to move. I know I've said it before, but I really feel like my classmates dared me to move while I was depressed, subconsciously, as they went on with their lives around me, thus pulling me out of my hole with the tide of life. My wish is for them to be dared to move. I know we're not a perfect grade and that people can be really mean. But as a whole, I really do love my classmates. So this song really reaches to me in a way that not many songs do. It's just the push of the rhythm and the motion of the words and the tone of the voice. It makes me dare to move and dare others to move because sometimes moving is just really, really hard. I can't find words enough to explain all my feelings in one paragraph, and I've already stretched my limit on this...but I really want to dare my class, everyone to move. I'm a writer, I'm a singer, I'm a sharer, I'm a lover, I'm a mover. And I want you, if you feel down and out to move too (not just physically, I'm mostly talking about mentally and in your relationships and stuff), because it'll probably make you feel better.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Mona Lisa-Magpie

She looks happy to me.
I always thought people said she looked said.
And then she reminds me of the public school lunch lady...
it seems as if she has a hairnet on to me. 
Who is she smiling at?
Is it me?
It’s like a smirk...
...what she has upon her face... so strikingly resembles those mean school-kids’ looks...
...except without the cruel eyes...
These eyes are soft. And warm. And without too much fire. They don’t burn in the night, but the reach out to me.
What is she looking at?
I wonder if the painter wondered what she was thinking?
Even if she was no model..just imagination...
what was she thinking?
Did he feel self-conscious, as we all do,
“Do I have a milk mustache?”
“Does my face look weird?”
and then it goes to defensiveness
and evasiveness
“Stop smiling at me like that!”
“Wouldja quit?!?”
“You’re really freaking me out!!”
And then...all of a sudden, we’re overreacting.
And it doesn’t even matter that it’s a face of a woman
who may or may not be sad
And it doesn’t even matter that it was drawn
by a famous artist
Do we care?
I suppose not.
By analyzing all this....
....all this that which I have written.
We, must be too wrapped up in our own little thoughts and boundaries and feelings.
‘tis not wrong to have little thoughts
‘tis not wrong to have boundaries (especially as one grows up)
‘tis not wrong to have feelings (they’re what keep you going)
But I got so wrapped up in my writing...
...that I forgot what I was looking at.
And with life,
sometimes it’s fatal,
when we let. that. happen.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Okay. ... So here's a poem I wrote today ...thinking about what I would want to read for our Poem Reading thing in the next week and a half....

From the get-go...I thought it would be cool to do my own piece. I don't think I'll use this one because there are ones I found that I'd rather use for something like this, but I wanted to share this all the same (it's named after one of my internet aliases. the title came last, after (1) the first two lines, in which "spark" came up just because...and after (2) the next part...where I thought of "benevolence" be/cause (LOL totally unnecessary!) and then it all came from written originally. capitalization. punctuation. all that jazz.:::

Benevolence Sparks

Dark to light. light to dark.
hence my soul becomes a spark.
benevolence is as benevolence does
to light/extinguish the fire between all of us


****the slash is said: "to light slash extinguish"
****I wasn't going to do that in the first place...I was trying to figure out a way to make it flow...but then, I decided I'd just write "/" so I'd get it down....but then it sounded good! It toastly adds character!!!

2 all u toastly peeps.