Friday, March 9, 2012


I don't really feel much like explaining myself about the second year of this whole thing. If you want to know, you can just go looking.

I felt pretty distressed actually. And I don't want any responses to me saying that. At least not on here.
Maybe if I don't know you.
But if I do: keep quiet why don't you? At least on the blog.

Or I did feel pretty distressed. I drew and although it wasn't good it made me feel slightly better. I only do well at art when I'm in a class. It's kind of annoying. I just don't enough tools or instruction to do well otherwise. It sucks.

So screw filming tomorrow. Or at least me being a part of it. Too bad I suppose. Mom says better safe than sorry and I guess mommas know best.

But whatever. Not like it matters anyways.
You will be gone next year and it won't even matter.

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