Wednesday, March 21, 2012


And right after I hang up ... "Dream On" by Aerosmith comes on.
His favorite song...
I love my life. It fits together so perfectly. :))
Dream on...dream on...dream on...


  1. Hey, so i read your post about not wanting us to read this and im kinda goad you wrote that. In fact, im perfectly fine with you writing "screw you" cuz i'd say that to me too if i was you. I kinda realized this was like a diary/journal. And since i know i wouldn't want anyone to read what i write in my journal, im going to stop coming here. For both of our sakes. I know you'll send me the stuff you want to send me like you sent me post #162. So, i love you and that's why I'm going to leave this blog untainted with my presence... At least for a while (which is what I did on accident anyways from busy-ness)

    Miss having convos like ln the bus in NY. We should get together and just some hang out time the two of us.


  2. Shoot. Again. Lol. I don't mind you people coming here. It was just a thought, a feeling. It was real, but it doesn't last forever.