Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Soooo... Today for track..

I bummed socks off of The Great Hot Goddess
I bummed a watch off of Holmes. (he verrryyy reluctantly gave me his watch. I PROMISE I WON'T LOSE IT. I'VE GONE THIS FAR WITHOUT LOSING IT YOU'LL GET IT TOMORROW OH YOU WILL)

...ahh...I love my friends.

I'm so glad they let me bum things off of them.

And maybe this will help me redeem myself for slapping Holmes. He will never let me forget it.. DARN YOU CHAPPERS. If only I hadn't slapped you first.

...(anyways, I feel better now. I'm ready to finish some of my homework and go to bed! Woo!)

And the BrBratz twins, Lane"Bryant" and My-Awesome-Singing-Friend. Amazing people. Oh and I also saw LeeLee's bruthah, NateTheGreat... and I TOTALLY resisted the urge to poke his head. I did it, guys. I kept myself from poking his head. .... But only because he was talking to a girl and I have a slightly strict policy on mostly not poking his head when he's talking to a girl. :))

See ya! <3

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