Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I believe I do take advantage of my friends.
Bisael was right, I do spend a lot more time around my guy friends.
I must take more advantage of them than the girls, yes?
I'm sure I do if I spend more time around them, which I do.
It's okay if people rub off on you. If you love them, it doesn't matter anyways.
Don't you kind of want to be at least a little like the people you love?
If you don't, then why do you love them?
But anyways: my friends.
I guess I should go more with my guy friends for the reasons previously stated.
I take advantage of them because I do believe they keep me out of depression.
I take advantage of their being there, their listening to me, their willingness to give hugs, and their willingness to put up with me.
But I guess if friends don't take advantage of their friends doing things like that, what kind of close relationship do you have?
You don't have a close one.
Maybe you do, but I don't.
Without any of my friends, boys and girls, I'd be a sunken ship.
Rise Ye Sunken Ships, says We Are Augustines.
I would not rise.
I don't have to rise now because I have my friends and I am neither sunken nor rising, but I am afloatin'.

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