Friday, February 24, 2012


Well I decided not to go to the dance because I'm so tired and miserable.


But we still bought tickets at the door. Actually, my brother did because I was so upset that I wouldn't even get out of the car and walk to the door.


  1. I'm sorry.

    I guess this is one of those moments where you were calling out to me and you didn't actually say. And i didn't realize. Because who ever does when you're calling. It's always when it's too late.

    So, Kitty Holden. What do I do? I know I can't make it up to you. While you have your blog, I have my loud. Yet we both hide don't we. We both hide alone. And we hide together. And together we can ask for help in each other.

    So, I'm sorry you didn't get to go to the Sadie Hawkins. I had been waiting for it since MS also. The next dance, no matter when or where, I will try to be with you there.

    ~ Bisael (as you have christened me)

  2. I wouldn't say that I was necessarily calling out to you. I was calling out to my blog and the people who look at it maybe. But at that point in time you were not one of those people.
    Please: take no offense from this.

    I don't think I was really calling out to anyone. Although I did want you all to know that I decided not to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance because I was so miserably tired and miserable.

    I guess in a way I wanted you all to feel bad.

    But you don't have to make it up to me. ..... I mean, that's what I would tell anyone. But I think that I can tell you, also, that I would love it if you made it up to me anyways because I would like that a lot and it would make me feel good. Usually people, definitely including me, like it when their friends (or any people) do nice things for them.

    I think going to the next dance with me will suffice ;)
    That is such a sweet thing for you to say you will do. <3

  3. I thought so... Usually if i'm mad i use my journal like a blog and write letters to the people i'm fed up with and then i feel better.

    I've got something big planned, but idk when it'll be done.

    1. Ooh OOOHHHH oooh do you have your something big planned finished yet? Lol i bet you don't and don't you worry about it. Not until after school ends. Then you can. <3