Friday, February 24, 2012


I am so tired.
Just so so tired.
I don't want to go to the dance tomorrow.
I know Hupy on a slightly more personal level...
But hardly anyone I'm close with is going.
Then there's the grinding...and well all know I'm not getting into that, right?
Well, now you do know.


I wish somebody would go with me. Did you know I've been looking forward to a Sadie Hawkins dance since middle school? Well, too bad it's Webbkinz kids only. No people from different schools.
Oh, and well too bad no one you know is coming.

I want to go and support him... Just... ARGH

I need a huge, huge hug.
So I think I'll get one from Chappers tomorrow.
Because he's the only one who's really bigger than me.

I've needed it for the past two days.
And, yeah, hugs are great from people.... But sometimes you just need a really big hug.

I just. Am so. Tired.

And I still have to do my homework!

Ever since I returned from NYC I've felt awful. Awfully tired. Awfully behind. Awfully awfully awful.
I've been stressed about what to do on Friday for over the past 24 hours.

Maybe I should just go home after the game and not do anything else.
Just go home.
And sleep.
And cry. If I need to.

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