Friday, February 17, 2012


Before the previous post, I was just thinking about this ..which may or may not be true. 'Tis still a thought, though:

All our lives, while we go through school the men and women running the school push us to do well. They not only push us, the children, to do well, but they push us to make friends, congratulate us when we do, and convince us that this is the best support group you could possibly have in these years of our lives.

But then they go and say, "Oh, wait. All this trust you worked so hard for? Yeah, it's going to disappear in a few years when you all go off to college. You'll never see each other again and your relationships won't ever be as close as they were."
So the men and women just set up the children for heartbreak and sadness and tears when we go across the stage when we graduate, right?

Heartless ideas. Sure, maybe there should be sacrifices in life, but these? That's not what we want! And we don't even have a choice. It's much too late now.


And I was thinking... You could think about it that way and be miserable for most of your life.
Or you could look at all life in a positive manner.
I don't believe the above is something anyone has tried to do the educated children of the world. Not at all. It was just a thought.
Something to think about.

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