Saturday, June 11, 2011


Okay, so my brother was a twerp this morning. Comes into my room, I know it was on mom's doors, but still! Don't be a TWERP! Geez....

So what did he do? He told me to get up, and when I said, "I will when you leave," (which I WAS GOING TO BY THE WAY!) he DIDN'T LEAVE!!!!

*Generator ^ 2nd Floor by Freelance Whales*

But I am being calmed by Freelance Whales...You can probably tell...^_^
I think I'll put my playlist in this blog too. ^_^

So DON'T FIX MY SMILE!!!!! TODAY!!!!! :)

I've cried enough today so I'm not going to get to that point!

Oh yeah, and then he got off the bed--YES HE GOT ON THE BED!!--and stopped being annoying in that light. Then, he went and turned the lights on!!!!!

*Quiet by Demi Lovato*

and he turned them off a couple of times, but i was SCREAMING AT HIM AND HE WOULDN'T FRICKIN' TURN THEM OFF!!!!

*sigh* I won't go into backstabbing detail. Or backstabbling detail anyways. I would have gotten on up anyways. I was nice, yes, at first...but there comes a time when it's too early in the morning and I would LOVE to save I didn't want him controlling my morning...and guess what? He's not. DON'T YOU LOVE THIS??? I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE MY BLOG!!!!

You + this blog + my favorite songs of the moment = HAPPY HAPPY ME!!!!!! :))))))

*We'll Be A Dream by We The Kings feat. Demi Lovato*

annnnnd fyi bruthah? I already got up this morning, HOURS AFTER WE GOT HOME!! (We got home at 1:00am...(went to see an amazing show of fireflies that seems to be VERY hard to, when you get there, ummm,,, there's more fireflies in my front yard then there! Although...they don't flash like that, so it WAS worth it. I did do another my head (like what I did with the dude who sat next to me at the theater the other day AKA Will). Maybe I'll post that later. It'll be easy. I didn't write it down...but it's totally in my head.
Anyhoo, like I said, I woke up at 5:50. 6 hours after we arrived at home!!!

And I got up. WITHOUT YOU BRUTHAH WHO I ALMOST PUT YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE NAME ON HERE OOPS!!!! ^/////& (<< that's me with a black eye. Very embarrassed ^//////&. op! there it goes again.... ^////////////////////////^ my un-black-eyed self is very VERY embarrassed)

*Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice*

Okay,,, I have no idea why Ice Ice Baby is one of my right now faves....I guess...It just is...because it just is. Nice beat. I don't listen to the lyrics so much...I AM sorry about the part where he says "girls wearing less than bikinis" SORRY GIRLS!!! I KNOW....KIND OF WEIRD...I AM A GIRL. And TOASTLY NOT INTERESTED IN WEARING LESS THAN A BIKINI...but like I said...I don't pay attention to the lyrics...that part just sticks out... ^////^

Oh yeah, I got up at like, 5:50 and went downstairs to get a cup of water. It is RIGHT HERE ON MY BEDSIDE TABLE TO PROVE IT!!! (not that anyone cares except for you :( sad kitty....)  and then I went to the bathroom. I didn't wake anyone up though. *shrug* Oh well.

"Let's get out of here. Word to your mother."?????WHAAAAAAT?????? that part sticks out too.. ^_^

*Obsessed by Amy Kuney*

OMYGOO!!!! I FOUND THE PERSON WHO SUNG IT BEFORE MILEY CYRUS!!! I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THERE WAS A PERSON!!!!...sorry for the the whole thing...welcome to my world...where "frickin" is as bad as it gets. Okay, on a bad day, it's "crap" but that's like...a really bad thing...and I guess I just couldn't easily fit "crap" into this sitch with my brother. >.> but the point is i didn't right??? right....

Amy Kuney definitely sings it in a erhm...softer way then Miley. But I don't think Miley always sings badly. And no. I didn't go back to sleep. But you DEFINITELY woke me up bruthah. ... ....

*sorry don't wanna listen to *Secrets by OneRepublic*Quiet again*or Ice Ice Baby again*


I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

*Who Says by Selena Gomez& (<

I still love you all!!1
MOI!!! ...without being kitty...or anyone else, just me!!!!!

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  1. First couple of lines: "on mom's *orders" not doors. Sorry. :)
    I could just go back and change it but that would be messing it up.