Saturday, June 11, 2011

#73 wasn't as bad as thought. I did get upset a little again when I confronted's okay now. Oh yeah...and...I thought of a maybe-title-for-a-maybe-book

KSM (yeah, I was thinking about the band)
Kiss Samchel 4 Me (not really Samchel...but I won't tell you the real think, you crazy stalker!) (^////^)

about a girl who loves a guy, but can't get close to him for one reason or another

this is NOT about ANYONE that I know. The name just came up from a really close (at the moment, and mentally/emotionally/stuff) person to me.

maybe they met in a "psych ward" not really a "psych ward" but a place like...a rehab sort of thing for teens. Oh, this could be SO GOOD!



part of me wanted to type in a ":)" other half, "Love," and I was thinking ":)" but my body did "Love," in my mind I only saw the "L" until it was too late.

*Location by Freelance Whales*

and I did NOT break what I said !!! Location is not part of my playlist...yet....mwhahaha!

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