Tuesday, June 14, 2011


   Why does she keep provoking me? Shuddup. shuddup. shuddup.

But she keeps going on. That stupid, frickin' "sweet" voice...the sarcasm. SHUDDUP! Now she's going around the other side of the car. And I'm not trying to control ANYTHING, where the heck did she get that and why does she keep using it on me??? But maybe I am trying to control my belongings, and I tell her. And she comes back with this witty-bla-bla comeback. And I am ENRAGED!!!!!!! She shuts the door behind her and I AM ENRAGED!!!!! Everything races through my head in a blinding flash, I got all my stuff that I wanted to get out of the car, screw you, but not everything, like you said, so screw you. SHE KNEW THIS WOULD MAKE ME ENRAGED!!!!! AND SHE DOES IT ANYWAYS!!!! THE STUPID STUPID FRICKIN' STUPID SCREWY ..... WHATEVER SHE IS OR THINKS SHE IS! She has NO idea.....So I slam open the door,
   "YOU!" escapes from my thoughts and I bang down the hallway. Heavy footsteps shake the room and I am totally oblivious to it. I am like a wild bull seeing a fierce, bloody red. Ready to take it down. It will not kill me
   I come around the corner, and of course, she's cowering in a corner--a sure sign of weakness--behind her "protector" oh, she will always protect you, don't worry. She makes stupid faces at me, saying "bring it" "you can't hurt me" "you disgust me" she turns up her nose and wrinkles her forehead and she looks away from me, glaring towards the TV. She gets away with it all. It's so frickin' stupid!! There is nothing for me here! But I AM ENGRAGED!!!!! 

   The "protector" gets on both of us. And starts one of her many lengthy and oh-so ANNOYING, like, pull-your-hair-out-annoying lectures. How it relates to life bla bla bla. How this will help us bla bla bla. How she doesn't bla bla bla care anymore. And SHE leaves and starts walking up the stairs. Next time, you better watch out, because you won't always have somebody to run to and hide behind. 
   You say I had her cowering in a corner? Well, just FYI, she didn't have me anywhere near a cowering corner. But I WAS ENRAGED!!!!!!!!!  

   And that is how I was left, with my arms crossed across my chest, scowling, staring at the old, faded donkey piñata wondering how and WHY the heck I started running like that in the first place. 

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