Saturday, June 4, 2011

#69. this is really on June 3, 2011

Boys are so stupid...okay...forget that please! Some boys have been and can be so stupid. BOYS ARE NOT STUPID!!!!! ... 

We went and Saw "X-Men: First Class" tonight. We sat down...then...some guys came in and sat down on the four or five seats left in the row to my right. The guy who sat right next to me kind of hesitated before sitting down next to me-- you know how people do that, right? I've done it, you've done it. We're scared and feel awkward (or at least I do) to sit down right next to somebody.

All throughout the movie, and before, I stole glances at this boy when I thought he wasn't looking. For once, I'd found^//////^ [that's me blushing :) ...] cute in a public place that didn't look older than me. He looked about my age!

Imagine...Draco Malfoy. funny, I know. I'm such a Harry Potter luvah. But imagine him, give him regular blonde (not platinum) hair. make it wavy. Widen his face, give his skin a little more color, instead of just pale. I thought of Draco Malfoy even though I know the guy looked nothing like him! And it wasn't because I though think he was is mean. It's because...well...that's the guy who came to my head. But I never NEVER got to see his face clearly. Just right face to face. Just right. I never got to see it just right. I never to see him just right. I never got to see him face to face...directly. I might never in my life again. I might never in my life again have the chance. And I was just too dang shy to look at him when he was looking at me.

It wasn't necessarily that he is cute. It wasn't that I wanted to ask him out. Although the good-looking factor didn't hurt.... >.>
But....I think it was more that I've been in that situation before (but never with a guy) (or at least not in such a strong degree as this). I just wanted to say hi. I just wanted to talk to him. Know his name. Above all, I just wanted to see his face. His whole face. Direct. Face to Face. And I didn't. always, I made up--in my head--a scenario that will never happen except in my dreams.

Plus, it was dark in the movie theater ... so that didn't help anything..


<><><and being the girl that I am, I partly ignored it, and decided to see past it. Everyone has good... why waste your mind on the bad??>>

Girl: *looks at the blonde, wavy haired boy sitting to her direct right* 

Boy: *turns head and looks at her* What?

Girl: *puts her head on the back of her neck in an embarrassed gesture/possibly looks down for a second* Sorry. *looks up* I just wanted to see your face. 

Boy: *has a "what?" look on his face* Excuse me? *says in a sarcastic way, not polite, but not being super mean*

Girl: I know. *cracks a smile* Sounds weird doesn't it? I just, I mean...*deep breath and sighs* .. I'm a writer. I write about things I know. And I don't know you, and it seems kind of a shame since I've had all these chances to talk to a random person, but I didn't take them. Just to get to know one more person. 

Boy: So you just wanted to talk to me?? *"what?" look* You're weird.

Girl: *laughs* I know I'm not making sense. 

Boy: Is this your weird way of asking me out?

Girl: *laughs* No, :) I'm not looking for a boyfriend. And I'm not looking for "just some guy" either. I guess I'm kind of looking for knowledge. And new friends. I like new friends. 

Boy: Okayyy...whatever.... *wide-eyed "weird person" look* 

Girl: Hey-- *puts hand on his shoulder/pokes him [maybe]* I'm sorry I made it weird. Maybe we can just start over. Pretend we never talked. 

Boy: *shrugs* Whatever. *"I guess so" look*



Girl: *pokes boy in the shoulder* Hey. 

Boy: *looks at girl* Hey?

Girl: Ummm...*looks at her feet**then looks up* and puts her hand out to shake the boy's* Hi. What's your name?

Boy: *looks at the girl's hand then looks at the girl and looks at the hand again and pushes/waves the hand away* Okay. This is just too weird. *exasperated&"what?" look* I don't even get why we're doing this.

Girl: *shrugs* Fine. That's perfectly cool with me. *smiles* What's your name?

Boy: [Will]

Girl: Cool. I'm [Kelley].

Boy: Where do you go to school?

Girl: Where do you go to school?

Boy: I asked you first.

Girl: So?

Boy: Ladies first.

Girl: I vouch for ladies second.

Boy: *rolls eyes* Fine. I go to [FarGut]. Now, where do you go to school?

Girl: *grimace/"well..." look* *looks up/deep breath* If I told you, you'd think I'm a rich, snotty brat.

Boy: *either has a "really?" look or says "Really?"**like he doesn't believe her.

Girl: Really, really.

Boy: Well, are you?

Girl: No. ... Well, I'm not rich. And I hope I'm not--I mean--I hope I don't seem like a snotty brat. I don't think I am a snotty brat. *looks at boy's face and laughs-he's not doing anything special, he's just thinking and I'm sure getting a little bored/a little frustrated that she's putting off answering his question* And after all this trouble, you probably won't even care..*laughs*

...*smirks/grimace/"well..." look* I go to [Webbkinz] [School].

Boy: *nods*"okay/whatever look"

Girl: Cool. *smiles* See, there's where a lot of ...well, I guess just a few, ... I don't know very many guys, well, people, outside my school. Just never had the chance, ya know? Anyways, a couple of times, when I've told people that, they flinched and looked away, kind of like they were trying to telapathically say to someone, "Help me, I'm stuck with this annoying [bee] who goes to [Webbkinz School]." I mean, it sucks, you know? People are so stereotypical. ... Well, I know I can be too...but doesn't feel good to be on that end of the stick.
...Sorry I keep babbling. I'm probably boring you out of your mind.

Boy: least it makes sense... --what you're saying I mean.

Girl: ha. ha. *nice sarcasm* Very funny.

Girl: Soo....*thinks about whether or not to ask how old he is*....what grade are you going into next year?

Boy: [9th]

Girl: Really? Me too.

Boy: How old are you?

Girl: Oh. [14]

Boy: Really? *shrugs*

Girl: How old are you? *looks at him shyly*

Boy: [15]

Girl: Cool. I'll be [15] in [October] What grade are you....?

Boy: [9th]


Boy: Well. ... I guess I'll see you around.

Girl: Yeah...

Boy: *turns to go*

Girl: Hey! We'll probably see each other. It was... nice to meet you. And talk to you.

Boy: *looks at girl in the kinda squinty "what?" look* So, are you able to write about me now?

Girl: *double-take (cuz she forgot about that)*..Oh! Oh....well..*moves eyes a lot...side to side up, down*  I--I guess so. *smiles*


Girl: Have you seen Pirates of the Caribbean??

Boy: *looks at girl* No.  Have you?

Girl: No. *smiles* Do you plan on seeing it?

Boy: Well,,...I was going to...

Girl: Maybe we'll see each other here. Then.

Boy: Sure. Next week maybe.

Girl: I don't know if I'll be able to come.

Boy: you want my number?

Girl: *laughs* Sorry! But I hardly know you or who you are. ... Plus, my cell phone gets lost a lot so...I mean, I lose it...but ...-well--...there is one way you could keep in touch. I blog. If you want to tell me something. .. Leave a comment wherever and it'll come to me. And if not. If you don't want to *corrects herself<<* I guess I'll see you around.

Boy: Okay. what's the blog called?

Girl: Do you have a piece of paper...or a pen?

Boy: No.

Girl: oh...okay...maybe your friends have a pen or something. I can get a napkin.


Girl: I'm [Kelley]. Do any of you have a pen..or a p--*thinks better of saying "pencil"* some other sort of writing utensil thing?

<>"Nah." "oh! I've got something!"One of them hands it to her>>

Girl: *smiles sweetly/genuinely at the boy who had a pen* Thanks.


Girl: *grabs a napkin and starts writing on it* *writes "".*


Girl: *finishes writing and stands up straight and her bro comes over*

Bro: [Kelley]. We gotta go. Mom really wants to go home. *looks at the other guys curiously* And what are you doing? I'm [Daniel]. *he puts out his hand and shakes the other guys' hands*

Girl: I'm giving him my blog...they might come see Pirates of the Caribbean. And maybe we could see them here when they do.

Bro: What's the blog for?

Girl: *laughs* to keep in touch!

Bro: What happened to texting?

Girl: *looks at him with a "really?" look*rolls eyes* Even you can't keep up with your phone. I can't! This is the best way.

Bro: Good point. Just ... don't take all night.

Girl: Okay... *looks at guys* I gotta get their names right. [Will], [name, name, name, name]. Right?


Girl: There it is. *looks at the napkin again before handing it to him* Can you read it?

Boy: *is obnoxious in a nice way by bringing the napkin so close to his face that he's almost touching the napkin and back and forth again* I think so. *lowers the napkin*

Girl: *smiles* Whatever. :) Well I guess we'll see you around.

Boy: Sure. Bye [Kelley]. [Daniel] *nods*.

Bro: [Will], right? Nice to meet you. Lemme see if I can get everyone else's names right. *gets them all right*. Cool.

Girl: Now let's see if I can remember those names until next time! *laughs*

Bro: You're hopeless.

Girl: Gee, thanks. *"gee, thanks" look*


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