Monday, March 8, 2010


exactly what is it that you look for in life?

do you KNOW what you look for in life?

or do you just WAIT for something to come find you?

because last time I checked ... life just didn't work that way...

or has it CHANGED since then???

Does anybody CARE?


  1. some say that you have to wait, and you'll your meaning of life. others say nothing will happen if you sit around do nothing. BUT we're kids, we cant do hardly anything, no matter how many times an adult says you can make a difference. but think about it, everything has to be OKed by an adult. IF you want to do anything that matters, it has to have gone through an adult. unless you want to do little things like giving flowers to somebody, but usually people just blow those things off after about 5 minutes. so what [i]can[/i] kids do? i dont want help from adults. they think they're all smart cause they're older and bigger. but we have to make a difference. i just dont want to be a nobody that when i die, some people will get sad and then in a few years they'll forget. i want to be [i]remembered[/i]. i wanna do something so my name will be remembered. this post probably has nothing to do with what you were thinking Kels, but i just have to get my er..dislike for adults out of my system

  2. dang it. it doesnt do html. *sigh*

    im in a dark mood right now as you can see just in case you were wondering

  3. it doesn't matter what i was thinking. that is perfect.

    get out of your dark mood and then read #4...or switch those two might work better :)

  4. and it's really good to find comments..cuz it means that people DO IN FACT CARE. which answers my question. and it's wonderfully beautiful, when your questions are answered. Cuz questions being answered doesn't really happen a lot..ya know?

  5. People care. I'm sorry I'm reading 2010 in 2012, but that's the way life works sometimes. It falls behind. It catches up. But in reality & fantasy & everything in between... It is ALWAYS right on time.