Friday, March 11, 2011


Yup. I missed the anniversary by 3 days. I started/really made this blog exactly one year ago this past Monday.


  • Manic Mondays
  • Everyone Hates Mondays
  • But Mondays are days to start Everything Over. 
  • Start All Over
  • So It's Not So Bad Anymore.
  • And it's not.
  • Last time I wrote in March, I was woebegone with the sickness of sadness.
  • The first time I wrote in March, I was under the rock, in the dark, empty space that song so well reminded me of.
  • Now, that song is my theme song for this year.
  • Amazing how one song can be perfect for you, even when you're in different states of mind and soul and spirit.
  • To-night, I dare you to move. Like today never happened. Today, as in all the bad things. Pick yourself off that dirty floor and reach a hand to the waterfall of the pouring rain outside. Let me hold your hand and we will run into the distance together.
  • I will go into the distance in a happy way this time. I will go the distance to feel...not to just be. Not to just be going somewhere. Not to being numb like I was and had been. WE WILL BE OKAY.
  • And I am convinced that the world truly started on a MONDAY.
  • So START. On a MONDAY. To BEGIN. EVER DAY after that.

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