Friday, March 11, 2011


It's been about a year since I made this blog, I bet. But I'll look.

Hey, guess what? I'm not going to buy Sky Blue Sky. It's not exactly my type of song. Nice words, yeah. But when they start shrieking and screamin'...that turns me off. Wilco is cool and all...but I love love love One Wing, not Sky Blue Sky. And I'm NOT buying it for him. I'm not buying it, for me.

(Wow. #60. Wow. #59 was just great, wasn't it. Seriously, though, wasn't it?? But this...what a great revelation. To share.)

I thought when I originally wrote this (a minute ago, about) that it was the #51. But it wasn't. It all just flew by too fast for me to understand, and I wasn't paying attention for the longest time anyway.

The thoughts for you to-night:

1) Jane Eyre

2) To Share.

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