Friday, November 12, 2010


I know where I belong. I belong in this school. This life. These people. My peers are my friends. My teachers are my mentors. The only thing that is a little scary is the Upper School, but it won't be for long. Next year, it won't be scary anymore. And I will be able to walk the halls with my head held high with all the people in them. But no, maybe I will be able to do that this year too. And today.

Today has been such a great day.

Thanks to:

1) Uhuh/MLee
2) staring at earlobes
3) pledging allegience to two American flags in the morning (I pledge allegience to...oh my gosh! There's two flags!--it was funnier when we were talking about it)
4) laughing your head off for no reason...except because it's funny
5) leelee's crackers
6) cemetaries, sedimentary, PEHnguins, dancing penguins, and a smiling face of someone you love.
7) that grade is coming home.

And penguins can't get hot because they're penguins! And it's cold down there. And thinking this through.
That's a different story for a different day.
When the plane saved the day.

Love. Peaches. Chicken Greases. Rock On Foozsh!

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