Saturday, May 22, 2010


have you ever been to Nashville?
Nashville, Tennessee?
You know, where the Hard Rock Cafe is. And the old Oprey place. And that great big stadium across the river. Where there are suddenly people everywhere. Almost as if we're in a deserted New York City. There's The Melting Pot. A statue of two men shaking hands. One Native American. One white-pale-faced man. Where there's Church Street and Gay Street going opposite of each other. Have you ever been to that part of Nashville? The Downtown? I hope you have. I hope someday you will.

There's a 3rd and Church Health Care Place with a Walk in Clinic. Right up next to Printer's Alley. Then the next big thing is the Life and Casuality Tower.

Have you ever been there?
And looked up at the One Nashville Place.
And thought about doing your ALEKS.
Oh, you don't want to AT ALL.
You're tired again.
Like you were this morning when you left to come here for the Duke TIP awards thing.
And you wish you had helped your brother with his project.
And now you've lost some respect for his partner.
Oh, and you're hoping and wishing and hoping and wishing that it DIDN'T hurt his grade too much.
Oh, PLEASE don't hurt his grade.
Oh, PLEASE don't hurt his grade.
But as for this morning...this morning seems ages ago.
This morning?
Wasn't this morning last week?
The Duke TIP awards ceremony?
No, that was definitely last week.
And the voice recital I had on Thursday?
Wasn't that a month ago?
That was definitely a month ago.
Or at least a few weeks.
And the PIANO recital on Monday.
Yup, that was definitely a month ago.
No, not two months.
But somewhere there.
Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

If happy little blue birds fly...
                                           ...beyond the rainbow
Why oh why can't I?

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