Sunday, April 8, 2012


I get scared pretty easily. As you can see in #162, # 192, #193, and many others.

I mean, not THAT easily. Not as easily as Sybil (thank God), but pretty easily.

Then again, I guess everyone does. Or a lot of people. Much of el población, sí?
Yeah. Definitely.

I'm not a scared person though. I don't want anyone I ever know to be as scared as Sybil because that would scare me too.

:( and then we'd all be scared.

But it's okay because none of us are like that. We're just insecure and confident and insecure at the same time and it kinda works out but it kinda doesn't.

I love myself, believe me. But I can get pretty insecure.

Take my hand, dears. Maybe we can be insecure together and then we won't be.

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